Fences: Hacks, Modifications, New Trends and Cutting-Edge StylesFences: Hacks, Modifications, New Trends and Cutting-Edge Styles

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Fences: Hacks, Modifications, New Trends and Cutting-Edge Styles

Hi, my name is Johnny. For years, I worked as a handyman, and although I did a bit of everything, I ended up helping a lot of people put up fences. Over the years, I have seen what works. I have learned how to hack your need for fencing if you don't have the time or cash to put up a new fence, and how to modify and repair fences to improve their function. I have also seen a lot of trends come and go, and I'm keenly interested in what's new in the world of fencing. Unfortunately, a back injury has made it difficult for me to work so now, I explore ideas by writing about them. I hope you enjoy my fencing blog and that you learn a lot. Thanks for stopping by!

How to Choose the Best Residential Fence for Your Property

A fence around your residential property can be very important; the fence marks off boundaries so that there's no question of how far you should reach with your lawn mower when cutting the grass, and also helps to create a backdrop for landscaping and flowerbeds. However, There are many materials and styles of residential fences available to you, which can actually make your selection a bit overwhelming. After checking with your homeowner's association or city clerk's office to find out about any fence regulations or restrictions for your property, note a few tips that will help you to narrow down your choices during your fence installation.


If your home has a patio or deck, consider its appearance when choosing a style and material of residential fence, so you find something that coordinates. For example, if you have a timber deck outside the home, it can be difficult to match timber colours, so it can be good to opt for a metal fence rather than wood. If you have a concrete pad for your home's patio, a chain link fence might make the space seem overly industrial, whereas a wood fence might soften the area and make it feel cosier. Patio pavers are very casual and natural, so opt for a wood fence and avoid unnatural materials like vinyl or PVC.


You do need to consider your neighbours when choosing a fence for your home; for example, if they have dogs, a solid panel fence can mean less chance of those pets noticing you, and then barking or rushing at the fence every time you step outside. A solid panel fence, rather than a metal fence with bars, can also provide added protection for your landscaping, so you don't need to worry about a neighbour nicking your beloved flowers with their lawnmower. If you don't care to chat with your neighbours but want to keep the yard feeling open, a solid glass, tall panel fence can provide that needed separation, without interrupting the view.


Don't forget to consider your area's average weather conditions when choosing a fence. Lots of direct sunlight can easily fade a wood fence, so it soon looks weathered and worn. High winds can rattle a solid glass panel fence, and allow snow and other debris to pile up onto any type of fence panel. Heavy rainfall can mean water marks on a glass fence. Consider weather conditions when choosing a fence, so you have less unexpected maintenance over the years.