Fences: Hacks, Modifications, New Trends and Cutting-Edge StylesFences: Hacks, Modifications, New Trends and Cutting-Edge Styles

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Fences: Hacks, Modifications, New Trends and Cutting-Edge Styles

Hi, my name is Johnny. For years, I worked as a handyman, and although I did a bit of everything, I ended up helping a lot of people put up fences. Over the years, I have seen what works. I have learned how to hack your need for fencing if you don't have the time or cash to put up a new fence, and how to modify and repair fences to improve their function. I have also seen a lot of trends come and go, and I'm keenly interested in what's new in the world of fencing. Unfortunately, a back injury has made it difficult for me to work so now, I explore ideas by writing about them. I hope you enjoy my fencing blog and that you learn a lot. Thanks for stopping by!

Quick Tips for Dressing Up The Fencing Around Your Home

There is an old saying that good fences make for good neighbours, but a fence does more than just afford you privacy. It also keeps your property more secure as it can keep out intruders and also helps to keep your pets and children safely nearby. If you have a pool you may be legally obligated to have a fence, and they also act as noise insulators if your neighbour's home is very close.

While fences can serve all these necessary functions, they can also be imposing or a bit drab and plain. Note some quick tips for dressing up the fencing around your home, and you may want to talk to a fencing contractor about some of these suggestions before you even have your fencing installed.

1. Opt for colour

Even metal fences can be painted or powder-coated a nice colour that makes them seem more decorative than just functional, and painting a wood fence can also help to give it a fresh look. When working with a fencing contractor, ask about a crisp white metal fence if that's your choice of materials, or choose something in a russet red that will make your landscaping features stand out. If you have a large yard you might even choose a dark slate grey or black for a very unique look.

2. Break up the materials

Using different materials for your fencing is something to discuss with your contractor, and it can help to make your fence look very unique and attractive. As an example of how this works, you might add glass panels to a wooden privacy fence. This will keep it open and airy so that the wood fence doesn't make your home look like a compound. You might also have cement or stone columns between wire fence sections, which will make it look more stately and attractive. A painted cement base to a wire fence can also create an eye-catching feature that makes the wire look more grounded and attractive.

3. Add accessories

A great way to make a fence look more attractive and not just functional is to add accessories. These might include finials, which are the "knobs" that go on top of fence posts and which can be very decorative and make a fence look more grand and stately. You might add frosted panels to a glass fence, either with your family's initial or another design. Decorative deigns can even be added to wire fencing, and these not only make the fence look better, but also they can add a bit more privacy to the open wire.

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