Fences: Hacks, Modifications, New Trends and Cutting-Edge StylesFences: Hacks, Modifications, New Trends and Cutting-Edge Styles

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Fences: Hacks, Modifications, New Trends and Cutting-Edge Styles

Hi, my name is Johnny. For years, I worked as a handyman, and although I did a bit of everything, I ended up helping a lot of people put up fences. Over the years, I have seen what works. I have learned how to hack your need for fencing if you don't have the time or cash to put up a new fence, and how to modify and repair fences to improve their function. I have also seen a lot of trends come and go, and I'm keenly interested in what's new in the world of fencing. Unfortunately, a back injury has made it difficult for me to work so now, I explore ideas by writing about them. I hope you enjoy my fencing blog and that you learn a lot. Thanks for stopping by!

Three Practical Tips for Reducing Your Pool Fencing Costs

Installing a fence around your pool is an essential process for promoting safety in your home. If the swimming pool is left open without a barrier, a child could fall into the feature, and their life would be in danger. Pets, elderly people and the sick are also vulnerable to drowning in an unprotected pool. Unfortunately, the cost of pool fences is considerably high. If you are worried about your budget pool budget, you should use the tips below to reduce the expenses. Read More 

How to Choose the Best Residential Fence for Your Property

A fence around your residential property can be very important; the fence marks off boundaries so that there's no question of how far you should reach with your lawn mower when cutting the grass, and also helps to create a backdrop for landscaping and flowerbeds. However, There are many materials and styles of residential fences available to you, which can actually make your selection a bit overwhelming. After checking with your homeowner's association or city clerk's office to find out about any fence regulations or restrictions for your property, note a few tips that will help you to narrow down your choices during your fence installation. Read More 

2 Attractive and Traditional Fencing Styles for Your Period Home

If you're planning on investing in a new front fence for your period home, then you've no doubt spent a lot of time researching your options. With all the different fencing styles and materials available on today's market, you may have found yourself feeling a little confused and daunted about sifting through the options and finding the right choice for your home. Front fences are an important component of any home's street appeal and this is especially true for period homes. Read More 

How to Dress Up Any Residential Hurricane Fence

Many residential homes have hurricane or chain link fences, as they are affordable, easy to install, and don't look overwhelming even on a small property. However, a hurricane fence can sometimes seem a bit drab and dull. Rather than assuming that you need an entirely new fence, or investing in an expensive fence just to get a dressier look around your property, note a few tips for sprucing up a residential hurricane fence. Read More 

The Advantages of an Aluminum Fence Over Any Other Material

An aluminum fence doesn't necessarily mean a standard hurricane or chain link fence, but can refer to the style of vertical bars that resemble wrought iron. If you're thinking of getting a new fence for your property, you might note some advantages of aluminum versus any other material. Rust and corrosion resistant Aluminum by its nature doesn't rust or corrode. This makes is a good choice for a fence that might be located near a pool and which gets constant water splashing, and for fences in tropical areas or those with high humidity. Read More